A year ago I was lost. I was working my butt off trying to get my business off the ground — hustling with a baby on my hip late at night, early in the morning, and at nap times — and I was miserable. Not only because I was hardly breaking even, but also because I felt like I had to be this person who I totally wasn’t because (in my head) I thought that’s what my audience wanted.

Flash forward to this year… thanks to Jessica, I’m no longer afraid to show up genuinely. I have made a massive shift in how I work on my business (spoiler alert: I no longer “hustle”), and the numbers back me up. I’ve made more in 6 months than I did the year previously, have grown my list from 300 unengaged subscribers to over 1,000 of my perfect people, and I feel GOOD doing all of it.

Best decision I’ve made for my business, and my life, was to work with Jessica.

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