We both know you have something awesome to share with the world. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business in the first place, right?

But just because you KNOW you have something great… it doesn’t always mean that others know that. Maybe they just found you online and are still feeling out if you are a good fit for them. Or maybe they don’t even know who you are right now but once they find you, sarks are going to fly more than a Fourth of July parade.

Want to know how to attract them?

It’s simple… and at the same time, so simple enough that most won’t do it.

If you want more clients, go be thankful for the ones you already have.

Follow up with someone you’ve worked with in the past and see how they are. Thank them for trusting in you previously and offer to cheer them on. Send thank you cards to those who have signed up to work with you recently… they just put their trust in you and that DESERVES thanks.

Don’t have your first client yet? This still works for you. Go thank those who signed up for an opt-in of yours or those in a free group you have. Thank your mentors that have bought you to this point. Thank the universe for giving you the courage to even go after your dream today.

If you can’t be thankful for what you have in this very moment, you will never be given more.

I’m serious… gratitude and being faithful for the little things is the missing link in a majority of online businesses.


You don’t ONLY have one client…. You have one client who trusts in YOU.
You don’t ONLY have 100 followers… You have 100 people who care about what you have to say.
You don’t ONLY have an email list of 30… You have 30 people who appreciate you and your story.


You have something to be thankful for in this very moment and if you want to get further… it’s time to acknowledge that my fellow #daydreamachiever.