You know the saying, sometimes you win, sometimes you fall flat on your face, roll down a hill lined with thumbtacks and fall into a lake of alligators? Or, something like that.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what happened after I decided to close down two profitable businesses, including the crash and burn that completely changed the way I both create and sell offers.

You see, in the process of pivoting so I could have some time back, I saw exactly what you see online about the big promises that come with courses. However, I didn’t know HOW to actually do it for myself. I am teachable though, so I invested in a course on how to build courses and sell them with webinars, ran thousands of dollars in ads to those weekly webinars and showed up with everything I had.

What happened as a result?


Not a single person purchased my course.

After stewing for a while, I realized that in my previous businesses, I had asked what people wanted, and gave it to them.

What if I did the same thing here?

I made the decision to send out a survey and figured out that what people wanted was already a module in the course I had created. I repackaged the course to only focus on the content that was within that module and, guess what? The “little course that could” brought in just over $50k!

From that experience I learned 5 important lessons that I now use everywhere in my business:

  1. Honor where you are in your journey – I was implementing strategies that worked for 7-figure business owners with sizable teams, audiences and budgets because I thought that was how you do it “right.” That wasn’t the case at all.
  2. Ask your audience – Your audience will tell you exactly what they’re looking for, if you’re willing to listen. By stepping back and seeing what my audience wanted to be solved, I put myself in the best position to help them.
  3. Sell before you create – That first course still sits on my Google Drive as a reminder that the only way you can guarantee your course is worth the effort or making is the one that your audience pays for, first.
  4. Prosper where you’re planted – Most people think they have to have the audience, budget, time and/or team that they see others with. That’s not the case at all. That’s what gets built as a direct result of prospering where you’re planted at this moment.
  5. Trust your gut – If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not for you. Leave it for those it is right for and lean in on what’s going to be the best use of your time, effort and energy.

Remember, you’re not just creating a course.

You’re creating a  course that serves your business, the vision that you have, and the people you want to serve.

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