Welcome to the Freedom Driven Success podcast! As we get started on the fantastical voyage together, what do you say we get to know each other a little better, along with the backstory of freedom driven success.

I’m your host, Jessica Rodriguez, and I help business owners achieve freedom driven success by leveraging the power of courses, evergreen sales funnels, and connection driven marketing so they can reclaim the freedom they originally started their business to have.

However, this wasn’t the kind of business I’ve always had.

Not even close.

In this episode, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how a day that was supposed to have me feeling on top of the world, left me in a sea of confusion and sadness that was followed by shutting down two profitable online businesses in order to put myself and my needs first.


  • A walkthrough of the day in Nashville that I thought was going to be a full celebration of my success.
  • What happened in the middle of a photoshoot that threw me for an unexpected loop.
  • My experience literally being “behind the curtain” with multiple six and seven figure owners that made me question everything.
  • The text that stopped me in my tracks because I realized that what showed to the outside world and what I felt weren’t anywhere near the same.
  • When I realized that making a change wasn’t an option, it was required for myself, my mental health and my marriage.
  • What the real impact of putting yourself first creates (not just in your business but your personal life as well).

Who you see today is a direct result of this moment in time and the work that had to happen in order to both define my own definition of freedom driven success and align the way I do business to that definition.

It was also the catalyst that has gone on to transform the businesses and lives of our clients throughout the years.

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