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Have you ever looked at your business and wondered how it got so complicated?

Whether it was your offers, your messaging or your systems… it seemed to all be running fine until you took a pause to see the tangled web that’s actually been weaved over time?

That’s what we’re talking about on this episode with our guests Veronica Yanhs, Jessi Honard and Marie Parks as they talk about the time they realized they overcomplicated their business, what they did to make a change and how it changed the way they now show up and make decisions.


  • Learning how to cut through the noise of what business “should” look like and what is right for you (along with an inside look at what happened before this lesson was learned).
  • How simplification allowed an offer to hit $100k, without the need for burn out or complicated launch strategies.
  • What really happens when you try to turn your agency into a one-stop-shop (hint: it’s not worth it!)
  • Why simplification is ever evolving in a business and how to know it’s time for you to look at how you can do less, better.
  • What it looks like to lean into the work you’re the most qualified and experienced in and how it has built both stronger results for clients and referral relationships with other businesses.

About Veronica
From the spreadsheets to the bedsheets Veronica Yanhs is completely open about who she is: CEO, kinky, and feminist. Using her Orgasmic Operations® method she helps 6 + 7-figure businesses create well-lubricated operations to make their next level of growth insanely pleasurable, sustainable, and full of ease.

About Jessi & Marie
Jessi Honard and Marie Parks are the co-founders and co-owners of North Star Messaging + Strategy. They help business owners successfully outsource their content without sacrificing authenticity or results and believe in the power of personality-driven copywriting that connects and converts. Since 2010, they’ve helped hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries capture their Brand Voice and hand off their content needs, allowing them to spend more time as CEOs, instead of content churners.

IG: @northstarmessaging

Where to connect with Jess:
IG: @freedomdrivensucess 

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