The Ultimate Guide: How to Create, Sell and Profit with an Online Course

Sure, we could simply “sell you the dream” when it comes to online courses.

We can flood you with stories of big revenue wins and screenshots of our Stripe account. We can show you photos of life living by the beach as well as organizations close to our hearts that our businesses have supported over the years. We can share the love received from those who have purchased our courses.

However, we know that there’s no lack of content like that on the internet already.

So, let’s use this guide to focus on what happens during the process of turning a dream into a reality when it comes to scaling with an online course, starting with this one fact…

Profitable courses are the result of informed decisions.

What does that mean?

Simply put, we don’t just want to tell you what to do or have you replicate what worked for us at some random period of time.

We want you to understand what you’re doing and why so that your course journey directly aligns with your specific business, goals and needs.

Now, we understand that this means we are taking a risk here. A risk that may have you hop off our site and go purchase a program that will walk you through “one proven way” to create, launch and/or scale an online course.

We also understand why this risk exists. As business owners, we are constantly making decisions throughout the day. While some are smaller than others, they all take up mental space.

So when someone shows up with their “one proven process” it feels like a breath of fresh air. That is, until the reality sets in.

If you’re reading this, you have probably (and, unfortunately) experienced that reality in the past:

What happens when that “one proven way” you learned doesn’t work for you?

You make the assumption that something must be wrong with you and that if you could only change that (meaning, yourself), you’ll be crushing it like everyone else.

What happens when that “one proven way” does work for you from a financial standpoint but has now consumed every ounce of energy you have?
You continue to show up and do whatever you can to keep everything afloat, regardless of the effect it’s having on your mental and physical health.

What happens when that “one proven way” has become saturated and the market begins to push back?
You watch your sales dip while desperately searching for what the next “one proven way” is… a cycle that never seems to stop.

What does this lead to? Questioning.

You question yourself. You question your offers. You question your industry. You question your team. You question if you’re cut out for “all of this.”

What happens at that point?

You take a scroll through your phone and, as if on cue, all your questions start to show up as solutions you can purchase.

You quickly purchase in order to either avoid what you’re feeling or make it go away as fast as possible.

You get the surge of energy that comes when hope exists, dive in and before long, find yourself in the same exact spot you were before. Questioning everything.

This is what happens when informed decision making is missing from business.

In this ultimate guide, we’re going to take you through every single stage of the course creation and sales process, along with common pitfalls to avoid and questions to ask yourself.


This will allow you to know:

• If an online course it right for your business and goals (psst! It’s not for everyone and that’s ok!).

• What to have in place so your online course is built on a solid foundation.

• The fastest way to guarantee your online course is going to be worth your time and/or energy to create.

• How to bring ease into the online course creation process by leveraging how you work best.

• What to know about launching your online course.

• When to automate the sales of your online course, including what to have in place before you do so.

… and so much more!

We’re going to hold nothing back which means it’s going to be lengthy.

However, we want to see course creators succeed and, in order to do that, we need to give you what you need to make informed decisions, every step of the way.

Whether it’s purchasing from our shop or purchasing a program from the other incredible people in our industry, we want you to have the full scoop so that you can make the decisions that are best for you and your specific business.

Sound good?

If so, click below to get started!


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