Tools (Team)

Whether you’ve been in business for two years or five, you know that the right tools matter. Check out our favorite tools that we use at Freedom Driven Success and/or recommend to our clients.

Click Up – Project Management

What can I say except ClickUp can do whatever you need. This is where we manage the day to day of the business and keep track of projects, deadlines, content calendars and  so much more!

Slack – Communication

We LOVE Slack for all things team communication! With channels that can be set around specific areas of the business along with the ability to add certain team members in on certain topics and direct message, Slack gives more than enough options. While we don’t, Slack can also be used for communication within your programs, if you’d rather keep things off Facebook Groups.

Loom – Screen Recording

Need to show someone how you do a specific task? Want to troubleshoot an issue with a team member and show them what’s showing on your end? Loom makes this easy to do by giving you the ability to record your screen and providing a link for easy sharing.

LastPass – Password Management

Your team needs access to certain passwords to do their job and you want to make sure they’re being stored as safely as possible. LastPass has been (and remains) the easiest way for us to do this!