Whether you’ve been in business for two years or five, you know that the right tools matter. Check out our favorite tools that we use at Freedom Driven Success and/or recommend to our clients.

Dubsado – CRM

If you’re looking for a strong CRM in your business, look no further because Dubsado is here! We mainly use it for contracts and proposals but it’s packed with options for businesses of all types and sizes!

Calendly – Online Scheduler

We can all agree that no one has the time or patience to be sending emails back and forth in order to find a time to talk – which is exactly why I love Calendly! Calendly allows people to easily book a call time on your calendar, for the availability you’ve set.

Voxer – Communication

Sometimes you just need to talk something out and Voxer is perfect for that! Think of it as a walkie-talkie in your pocket where you can record audios back and forth and/or send texts to clients, without providing access to your cell phone number. This is my favorite way to communicate with my 1:1 clients!

Zoom – Video Conferencing

From coaching calls to recording your course content and podcast episodes, hosting webinars and more, Zoom has everything you need when it comes to connecting with others!

GSuite – Email, Docs + Storage

What would we do without GSuite? I’m not sure! We use GSuite for our emails, course outlines, SOP storage, client document sharing and so much more. Even with us paying for higher storage, the features far outweigh the small cost.

Zapier – Tech Connections

If you’re looking for different tech tools to work together, Zapier is going to become your new BFF. Whether it’s sending applicants from a Google Form to your email service provider or one of our favorite “zaps” of Sending myself a text alert (with a customized celebration message) when someone joins us in one of our programs, Zapier will have you covered!


Canva – Design + Graphics

Canva is not only an easy way to create worksheets and/or graphics for your course but also comes with templates to make creation even easier.


Later – Social Media Scheduling

When it comes to social media schedulers, if it exists, I’ve most likely tried it and have yet to find one that has both the features and reliability that Later does, which keeps it at the top of my favorite scheduling platforms.


Stripe – Payments

Just getting started and don’t need all the bells and whistles (or price tag) of a full online shopping cart like ThriveCart just yet? Stripe is our favorite for payment processing, especially if you are doing recurring payments and/or payment plans.


Contract Shop – Legal Templates

Whether it’s for your website, your 1:1 client contracts or the terms of purchase for your scalable offers, The Contract Shop is the go to place to make sure your legal ducks are in a row.