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Have you ever had a moment in your business when it feels like nothing is working out as you thought it would and everything just… sucks?

If so and you want to learn how to not only get through these moments in business but get through them in a way that actually serves you and your bigger vision, this episode is for you as we go through my entire process of getting to the other side.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The two things that people tend to do in order to get through a rough spot in their business, and why neither ultimately serves them in the end.
  • Why what you’re consuming during this time in your business matters and can cause issues to escalate instead of dissipate.
  • The power in temper tantrums and why I want you to give yourself permission to have one before we go into problem solving mode.
  • How to check in with yourself to find out what your business and this time in your business is actually trying to show you.
  • The process I use in order to not only get to the otherside of the frustration I’m feeling but set tangible and realistic steps for myself to move forward with.

Whether this is something you’re experiencing now in your business or something you know can come up along the way and you want to equip yourself with the steps you can follow to get clarity and guidance, this episode is going to be incredibly helpful!

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