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What To Do When You’re Attracting The Wrong People in Your Business

There’s one thing we both know to be true… 

You’re passionate about what you do and how it serves others.

But when you’re attracting the wrong people, it can take the passion out of your work FAST.

The good news? We can fix this.

This week, we’re going to take a look into what’s really happening, why it’s attracting all the wrong people and what to do about it.

Get Clear on the Ideal Audience You Want to Attract

If you are attracting the wrong people, we want to identify exactly who they are so that we can make decisions on our next steps from the best place possible.

In order to do this, I want you to grab a journal and start writing down all of the things that people say or that make you roll your eyes.

Write anything that comes up from calls, social media, emails, etc. that comes up for you. This essentially becomes all of your personal grievances about the people that you just don’t connect with. 

(Sidenote, we all have these so let’s just go ahead and own yours. I promise you’ll make business much easier on yourself!)

After your list is complete, I want you to now write the opposite next to each item you listed.

For example, if you are in the health space and wrote that those who “don’t take their health seriously” or those who “aren’t interested in investing in their health” make you roll your eyes, on the opposite side you would write things like “see their health as a top priority in life” or “understand the importance of investing in their health.”

This will give you an entire list of who you REALLY want to be attracting.

The easiest way to find this is always to identify what you don’t connect with and reverse from there.

This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or them. These are simply people that you aren’t meant to work with and the more you release them, the easier you make it on them to find the best person who can serve them.

This is being of true service because they deserve to be served by someone who is lit up by them.

Own the Role You Play in Building Your Ideal Audience

You want to make sure that anything that you are asking your ideal audience to possess, hold, obtain is something you already embody.

This exercise is going to give you a way to see if there is a disconnect between who you want to attract and who you actually are. 

Why? Because you can’t attract A people by playing at a C level.

Let’s run this through the same health example we used earlier.

If you want someone who is willing to invest in their health and see it as a priority, are YOU doing that right now?

Are you putting your health first? Are you investing in your health however you need to so that you can continue to put yourself first?

Or are you saying things like, “Oh I’ll do that once I get more clients” or “I’ll do that once I get X” or “I’ll do that when the time is right.” 

You need to lead by example.

This is why I am always checking in with myself.

If I notice I’m in a period in my business where I’m finding myself saying, “how come I’m attracting all these people that are saying this??” I start with my list of qualities and from there, head right into this exercise to see if I’m living what I’m asking my audience to live.

Sometimes that’s a wake-up call for me to go make some changes. Because, again, I’m not going to attract A people when I’m playing at a C level.

It’s a hard truth, but it’s one that we sometimes need to have and be honest with ourselves about so that we can continue to evolve to our next level and bring people who are also evolving along with us. 

Evaluate if Your Content is Attracting or Repelling Your Ideal Audience

You’ve made your list and you’ve already checked yourself against it and we’re in the clear. What next?

Your content.

I can’t tell you how many times I go through the content of the women I work with and find this to be the disconnect.

The thing about being passionate about what you do is it’s usually really easy to create content. 

Because of this, we can be talking about different things all the time. 

However,  not all of them are going to be the right stories, tips, strategies, or how to for our ideal audience.

For this step, I want you to go back to the past 30 days of content in your business and take a look at the top 10 posts that had the most engagement over that month. 

Of those 10 posts, read through each one of them and hold them against that list that you made of the ideal qualities you want to attract. 

Does your content serve THAT person? Or does that need to change?

If your content got a little lost along the way, this is how we can reel it back in. 

A great example of this with my first 3-4 years in my business. I had a story that I shared over and over and over again to the point where I’m still surprised when people don’t know it.

“I was the person who started an online business while working four jobs at the time up to 80 hours a week and was able to replace the income of all four jobs within the first year.”

Sounds great, right? It is and it’s a part of my story that has never changed. You know, since I can’t change what actually happened. 

However, I rarely say that phase anymore or share stories from that time unless I’m specifically asked.

Why? Because if I kept talking about what it was like to navigate growing my business while I was also working for other people who do I attract? People who are new to business and looking to leave their job.

Who do I not work well with? People who are new to business.

See how that story, no matter how inspirational it has been to others, no longer connects?

To change who I attracted, I had to change what I shared.

Instead, the stories that I focus on from my journey are going to be talking about things like navigating my anxiety as an entrepreneur, handling the ups and downs, questioning everything along the way,  pivoting in your business and what happens when you have the booked out one on one business and you’re not actually happy because you don’t have the freedom that you want.

When I share stories around those topics, I attract people just like you who get it and my mission.

Same thing for you.

Take a look at your content and see if what you are sharing matches the needs of who you want to attract. 

Commit to Making a Shift to Fast-Track Your Audience Building Efforts

After reading this, is there something that you needed to make a change with when it comes to your business so you can attract the right people?

Whether it is you, your content or both, you now know exactly what needs to happen in order to call more of the right people into you and the work you do.


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