Course, Membership or Group Program… Which Scalable Offer Do I Create?

We all hit that point in business where it becomes clear that we need to expand our offerings beyond 1:1 or Done For You.

This is typically a result of three situations:

1. You’ve realized that only trading time for money with 1:1 or Done For You offers isn’t working for you anymore and want to step into a way of business that is no longer reliant on you always being there to run.

2. You love your 1:1 or Done For You offers but have realized that you’re limited to the amount of people who are able to afford it and want to make your expertise accessible to more people.

3. You’re simply looking to scale your business, both in revenue and impact, and want to have an offer stack that allows you to do that.

Whatever the case is for you, the next question is what always follows…

Which type of scalable offer do I create?

It makes sense because, by now, you’ve already invested in so many things in your business that you’re well aware that there is more than one option.

You could go the course route.
You could go the group coaching route.
You could go the membership route.

And, to make it even more interesting, you could do a hybrid of all.

For many, this puts them right smack in the middle of the worst place in business… a place of indecision.

Which is exactly what we’re going to remove this week by helping you to make the decision that’s the best for you, your business and your audience so that you can get yourself into action mode!

Choosing Your Scalable Offer Type by Your Audience’s Needs

Here’s the thing about courses, group coaching, memberships… despite all the marketing messages you may be seeing, there isn’t one that’s better than the other.

They all work.

However, only one will work best for your specific business and audience.

How do you find out what that is?

We start with removing all the noise that’s happening inside your mind and get back to the most important piece of any offer, the transformation.

What transformation is your audience looking for? And how far away are they from that transformation currently?

I always suggest getting this out on paper for yourself by writing the following:

• Point A (the start): What is my audience struggling with currently? How is it affecting their everyday life? How are they feeling about that struggle?

• Point B (the transformation): Where does my audience want to be? What does that outcome look like in their everyday life? How will they feel for them once they are there?

As you look at those two points, you’ll then want to think about what level of support is needed in order for them to achieve the transformation they desire.

Long term support? You’ll want to explore a membership or a course that leads into a graduate membership.

Short term support? You’ll want to explore a course or group coaching program where they will have support for a specific period of time.

Next, you’ll think about the type of support that is needed in order for them to achieve the transformation they desire.

Don’t need much support? You’ll want to explore a self-study course.

Need some support? You’ll want to explore a course with a group component or a membership that includes monthly calls.

Need deeper levels of support? You’ll want to explore a group coaching program so their answers can be answered on live calls or a membership that includes monthly calls.

As the saying goes, “successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

The same goes for any scalable offer you create in your business.

It isn’t about duplicating what has worked for someone else but instead, getting clear on what your audience will be served best by and what works best for you, as a business owner, to deliver.

Which leads us to…

Choosing Your Scalable Offer Type by Your Personal and Business Needs

Everything we do at Freedom Driven Success is focused on a way of business that not only serves others but yourself and your needs as well.

Which is exactly why we need to take a look at you and your business’ needs as well, before deciding on what type of scalable offer to add into your business.

Below are some questions that can help you with this:

What are you looking for more of in your business right now? Less of?
If you are currently offering quite a bit of high touch offers, like 1:1 or Done For You and looking to massively reclaim your time, you’re going to want to explore lower touch scalable offers like a passive course or membership.

If you really enjoy having a connection point with your audience, having a course or membership that includes a group component and/or calls or a group coaching program would be where you want to start directing your attention.

• How do you flex your creative muscle best?
Everyone works and creates differently, and owning how you do both will make your business a heck of a lot easier!

If you find that you thrive in a Q+A setting and being “on the spot”, having a membership with monthly calls or a group coaching program is going to be a great fit for you. If you are more of a person who likes to plan out content in advance, that can be reused over and over, you’re going to work best with a course or membership that has a predetermined learning path for your audience to take.

Is there currently a gap in your business and/or offer stack?
If you only have 1:1 or Done For You options available right now, there is a gap in the mid and intro levels of your business. This means you can go either way with a passive course or membership (intro) or a group coaching program or signature style course (mid) in order to build out your offer stack. 

If you already have your mid and high level covered, this is an opportunity to work on an option to fill your intro level, which will lead people to the next levels of working with you.

• What feels easiest right now?
Looking at the transformation your audience is seeking and the type of support they need, what feels the easiest for you as a business owner to create and/or facilitate?

If you aren’t lit up about building a community, a scalable offer that includes one (like a membership or group program) isn’t for you and you’ll want to go with a more passive offer. If the thought of a signature course, with all the bells and whistles, feels overwhelming, start with a passive intro course that allows your audience to get a piece of the transformation.

Remember, your needs matter too.

And these questions will help you to start seeing what those needs are currently so that the scalable offer you create serves that, as well as your audience.

The Ultimate Test of Choosing Any Scalable Offer Type

Want to know the fastest way to both clarity and results?


The fastest way to action?

Trusting your gut.

Now, I know this can be hard for those who want to know all the answers to every possible scenario upfront.

However, business simply doesn’t work like that.

How it works is through trying, testing and tweaking, based on the data in front of you. And the only way to get that data is to start with what is speaking to you as the right thing, in this moment.

Try, test, tweak and repeat.

The only way you get it wrong is through inaction.

Which Scalable Offer Are You Taking Action On?

It’s time to claim it.

No overcomplicating.
No overthinking.
No needing to know step 768 before you’ve taken step 4.

If you are looking for customized support for your specific business, consider a Strategize + Rise Intensive where we will partner together to simplify every step of the way for you.


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